The device works on the principle of Bioelectrical Impedance (BIA), the latest technology to measure body resistance and make the measured results more accurate. It is based on the fact that body fat is not a conductor, but muscle and water are conductors.

Smart Scale is the local brand name of a global weighing scale in the US and fast selling product in Amazon.

  • Download the HealthU+ app in Apple Store and Android. The app works for bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.3 and IOS 8.0 and above.
  • The app shows 14 body essential measurements. You can weigh yourself anytime without your phone but the scale will only show you the weight.
  • The app will show your data in just few seconds after you see 4 red lines in the smart scale.
  • Track your progress. The app shows your historical data, trends and improvements. You can also compare data between dates.
  • Tag a friend/family member. The app allows you to work with a friend/coach/family memeber and manage your health together.
  • The 14 essentials are: body weight, bone mass, body type, standard weight, BMI, BMR, body fat, fat free body weight, obesity level, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat rate, body water, protein, muscle mass