Product details:

Nylon shafts (synthetic plastic) are made from nylons used in stocking. This is the most popular shafts due to its flexibility and low cost.

Nylon shafts will not loosen off nor will they bend. The nylons are easier on your flights since the flight-slots have smooth insides (which cannot be said for metal shafts/ tips which are cut using a thread saw, leaving small but very abrasive serration on the inside surfaces).

Nylons shafts have the most number of lengths available from extra short, short, in-between, medium, and long. They come in different colors such as white, red, black, yellow and blue. The most preferred color is white.

Nylon Shafts with Stem Protectors:
To minimize damage due to Robin-hooding and to increase flight retention different stem protectors are utilize such as stem rings, aluminum band and crown. They helped protect the shaft and tighten the prongs.