Product details:

The material used is actually rip-stop-nylon. Parachutes are made from the same material. This material is made to stop a rip or tear after only a very short distance, making this flight the most durable in the market.

This flight are not made entirely from nylon fabric. The fabric is actually glued (laminate) onto a thin plastic under layer (substrate) and then trimmed to shape. In the Philippine market these flights are known as nylons but the right description should be linen.

Linen flights are designed strictly for long life. This is the most durable flight in the market but its drawbacks are weight for this is a heaviest fight and the thickest flight that will not fit well into metal shafts. The metal shafts slits are about 0.006” wide whereas the linen flights are about 0.008” to 0.010” thick. High heat or sunlight can also cause failure of the adhesive.


  • Thickness : 150 microns
  • Shape : Standard, Pear, Kite