Item Code: LPS-769

Product details:

The LP Patella Brace provides firm support and uniform compression for weak or overstretched knees.

It applies pressure on the tendon below the kneecap and assists with correct tracking giving symptomatic relief of pain and inflammation associated with overuse injuries such as patellofemoral syndrome (runners knee), jumper’s knee and Osgood-Schlatter syndrome.

How to wear the Patella Brace

The unique hook and loop closure design ensures that the brace fits all knee sizes and provides adjustable support.

It is fitted by loosening the strap and positioning the pad below the knee cap, before fastening the neoprene strap snugly. You will then bring the hook and loop closure through the buckle, pull to tighten and fasten to the patella brace.

The LP Patella Brace is made from the highest grade closed cell neoprene, covered with stretch nylon on both sides for comfort. Neoprene is the ultimate material for compression and heat retention, retaining body heat to warm the knee joint and increase blood circulation.