Item Code: KW-087

Product details:

Definitive sneaker maintenance brush

  • By combining horsehair and brass brushes into one, this unprecedentedly convenient 2-way maintenance brush can handle all kinds of materials, including leather, canvas, suede, and nubuck.

Horsehair brush useful for cleaning delicate materials

  • Horsehair brushes with supple bristles and just the right amount of elasticity are useful for delicate materials such as leather and canvas that you don't want to scratch. Ideal for simple brushing after returning home and daily maintenance such as removing dirt and dust

A brass brush that is useful for cleaning brushed leather and removing stubborn dark spots.

  • Brass brushes are flexible among metals and are less likely to damage objects, making them useful for easily removing stains and brushing delicate suede and nubuck. When used in conjunction with the separately sold "Shoe Moiture Mist", it nourishes the hair and gives it a smooth texture. Also, if you apply water or cleaner and polish it, it will also be useful for removing dark spots from the midsole area.