Color: CLEAR

Item Code: KW-067

Product details:

I don't have to worry about the soles of my shoes wearing out anymore.

  • Sole Protector 2.0 protects the entire sole from wear and dirt. Even if you are worried about your precious premium sneakers losing value due to worn out soles, you can wear them without hesitation by applying SOLE PLUS 2.0.

Easy to apply & great price reduction

  • 2.0 can be pasted without the need for a troublesome heat gun. Even clumsy people can paste it with confidence. The price has also been reduced by approximately 1000 yen, from ¥2970 to ¥1980, making it much more affordable.

Durability 500% UP, more economical

  • By pasting the included HEEL PLUS onto the heel part over the SOLE PLUS 2.0 film, the durability of the heel part is increased by 500% compared to the previous version. It is also possible to replace just the worn out HEEL PLUS.