Color: CLEAR

Item Code: KW-004

Product details:

Upgrade your sneaker game with KicksWrap KickSwap Premium. Experience the ultimate comfort and style with our premium quality material, designed for long lasting wear. Stand out from the crowd and elevate your look with KicksWrap.

  • Includes: x10 KicksWrap (Can wrap up to 5 pairs of sneakers)
  • About "KicksWrap":
  • Wrap your favorite sneakers (up to size ~30cm, height ~16cm) and leather shoes (regardless of material) with this heat-shrink film.
  • It not only enhances the beauty of your sneakers but also serves as a protective film, guarding against daily threats like scratches, dirt, water, and wind.
  • How to Use "KicksWrap"?

Using KicksWrap is incredibly simple

  • Place sneakers in the bag, trim the excess, and secure with tape. Alternatively, use a household sealer (sold separately) or scissors specifically designed for KicksWrap wrapping.
  • Apply heat with a home hairdryer (a heat gun yields a more uniform finish if available) in the following sequence: sole → back → sides → toe → lace area Back of the shoe → sides → sole → toe → lace area.