Color: BLACK

Item Code: KW-008

Product details:

“Care for the inside of sneakers” that you should start now

  • By applying just the right amount of tension from the inside of the sneakers to the outside, we smooth out wrinkles after wearing and maintain the silhouette of your precious sneakers. It is no exaggeration to say that this is essential for leather and enamel materials that tend to wrinkle significantly.

No more worrying about losing shape

  • If you do not continue to use shoe keepers, it is inevitable that they will lose their shape in the future. If you want to keep your favorite sneakers in good condition, we recommend that you put this product in after wearing them and continue using them

Deodorant Seal" has deodorizing and antibacterial effects.

  • The "Deodorant Seal" installed on the back of the shoekeeper absorbs malodorous substances floating in the air and neutralizes them to make them odorless, suppressing unpleasant odors and bacteria that remain on sneakers.