Item Code: ASHTCP


The improved Kevlar mains offer superior durability with resistance to notching. The PTFE filaments in the braided Kevlar improves durability by decreasing fraying allowing less internal abrasion while improving the flex for a softer feel. The synthetic gut cross strings are used to insure adequate flexibility and ball control by complementing the powerful Kevlar mains. This hybrid string combination is recommended for power players with heavy topspin or chronic string breakage problems. Many advanced players that like Crossfire will find even better durability and feel from Crossfire + Plus.

Composition: Main strings- braided aramid and PTFE fibers bonded w/nylon, Cross strings - Synthetic Gut

Gauge:Kevlar mains - 17/1.25mm , Synthetic Gut crosses - 16/1.30mm

Length: Kevlar mains - 23ft, Synthetic Gut Crosses - 20ft