Item code: 112221103-4

Color: Blue/ White

The innovative HARNESS locking system, inspired by racing seat belts, secures the feet by pulling the straps on both sides of the shoe body to enhance the wrapping of the uppe

Product details:

  • Fabric Content Mesh/PP FILM/TPU
  • Fit or Material: Mould/Rubber/TPU
  • Tech: A-Shock Stablizer, A-Flashedege,
  • Function: Cushioning, Responsive, Non-slip, Wear-resistant, Breathable, Package, Support


  1. Harness strap system, the wrapping property is increased by 94%.
  2. Large-area three-dimensional anti-torsion sheet.
  3. Wear-resistant non-slip rubber sole.
  4. TPU fabric upper, flexible and comfortable wrapping.