Item Code: ANT-812321108-4

Product details:

ANTA KT-SPLASH-V, smart attack, lightweight and breathable. Inspired by the waves, the score is like a wave, and the wind and rain are whistling.

A single men's shoe is 388G in size 43, which is 17G lighter than the Splash 4.

ANTA Nitroedge technology creates a tough and elastic foot feel. In a supercritical state, the performance will be subverted by nitrogen gas, and the midsole will be empowered with surging and light bounce, taking into account lightweight and stable resilience, bringing continuous high-energy combat experience.

Energy return rate: Adjusted according to the professional basketball game, the higher the energy return rate value, the better the rebound performance of the material.

Strong package, integrated shoes and feet: help the court to output at its best, and freeze opponents. Splash family DNA, detachable wrap-around straps. The vertical tightness of the package is improved by 20%, and the dynamic fit and emergency stop change are only sudden. 20% package improvement.

Lateral large-area TPU, wavy TPU outsourcing, stable lateral support. Combined with straps, dynamic restraint, enhance the integrity of the shoe and foot. The high-strength mesh upper, combined with scientific research on foot heating and sweat zones, has a targeted breathable design on the Splash 5 upper. Turn on the dry mode of your feet, attack the hot summer, and output with all your strength. The hot and sweaty key areas of the feet are made of breathable mesh to ensure the coolness of the feet in summer combat.

The wear resistance and anti-skid performance are higher than those of conventional rubber, the outsole is lightweight + technology visualization, using the design of water splash DNA and ripples. At the same time, RB and TPU hollow out designs are made in different parts for weight reduction and nitroedge technology visualization.