• Item Code: TRP-350037
  • Trigger Point Performance Wellness Kit The TriggerPoint Wellness Collection is an easy-to-use therapeutic self-care program designed to help reduce discomfort, increase mobility, and maintain muscular health to achieve total body wellness
  • MB1 Massage Ball : A versatile massage tool with layered foam construction offers varying levels of pressure to provide targeted deep tissue compression.
  • FootBaller : A firm, compact roller perfectly sized for hands-free deep tissue compression of the lower leg.
  • QuadBaller : Our firmest roller designed to provide deep tissue compression to larger muscles groups such as the quadriceps and hamstrings
  • TP2 BAll Sleeve : Couples two MB1â„¢ massage balls for greater leverage to release discomfort and address pain points in key areas of the back.
  • Baller Block : Provides elevation for optimal application of pressure when using TriggerPoint’s products. Reduces space by housing the FootBallerâ„¢ when not in use.