Item Code: ROC-21514


  • RockFloss Uses The Science Of Compression and Fascial Shearing To Help 'Unstick' Muscles And Joints So They Move Better And With Less Pain
  • Reduce muscle and joint pain - available in 2" or 4" width for stronger compression + creating bloodflow around muscles, joints & tendons
  • RockFloss Is A New, Reusable Mobility Tool That Can Help You Move With Better Flexibility and With Less Pain
  • RockFloss can be Used As A Primer Or Warmup Before Exercising Or To Improve Flexbility and Mobility After Training, or as Part Of a Rehabilitation Program
    Use on Almost Any Body Part; Shoulders, Knees, Wrists, Elbows, Hips & Ankles are all excellent Target Areas.
  • Never Use RockFloss On Your Head Or Neck