Item Code: WE420FT3

Product details:

Abrasion resistance
  • The shoes have been made from extremely durable materials, making them resistant to abrasion and sure to last a long time even with very frequent and intensive use.
  • The sole construction used is distinguished by its high traction coefficient, which allows stable stepping when running in adverse weather conditions or over difficult terrain.
  • The sole material provides excellent cushioning and high energy return to make your run comfortable and safe, no matter what terrain you're on.
  • The designed construction of the sole and upper and the use of suitable materials ensures lightness without losing the necessary comfort during frequent, intensive use.
Supinating foot
  • The shoe is designed to be safe for feet with excessive supination. A comfortable fit, adequate cushioning and metatarsal stability help prevent the foot from rolling outwards.
  • The shoes are designed with a particular focus on safety, so they provide exceptional stability to prevent injuries and trauma and protect the feet during intense training sessions.
Neutral foot
  • The shoes are designed for people with neutral feet, who do not require additional support or elements to correct rolling, as this type of foot distributes weight evenly.
  • The outsole features an advanced tread pattern that allows for stable footing, regardless of the surface, making it possible to run on uneven terrain and in inclement weather.
  • Thanks to the shoe's lacing system, an individual, precise fit is possible, and this ensures maximum comfort, safety and foot stability even during demanding runs.

Fresh Foam

  • Lightweight cushioning foam in the midsole of shoes from New Balance. Characterised by its resilience and high resistance to deformation, it protects the joints during intensive workouts.