Head tennis updates the Speed line for 2020. The latest Speed Graphene 360+ MP offers the perfect blend of flex and stability with an enhanced energy transfer from racquet to ball.

The 2020 Speed MP Graphene 360+ is loaded with an array of new updates from Head Tennis. Starting with the Head implementing “Graphene 360+” into the Speed MP with the combination of Head’s signature Graphene 360 technology for optimized energy transfer and the innovative “spiral fibers” for enhanced flex & a clean impact feel.

The Speed MP comes with Head’s “Superactive stringbed” in which Head has widened the cross-strings adding power and spin to your game. The Speed MP comes with a dynamic frame construction -- built for increased speed. The strong shaft and shoulder area allows for increased stability and that solid feel and sound.

“Blind and you will miss it”, the 2020 Speed MP Graphene 360+ is the latest update to the Graphene 360 providing even more speed with greater stability and feel. Designed for the club player who needs optimized control. Packed with a 100 square inch head, 11.1 oz., strung weight and a spin-friendly 16x19 string pattern -- make the Speed MP yours today!

Item Code: HED-234010