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Item Code: 812237701-3

Super Flexi Anta Men's Sports Shoes 812237701-3
Anta has launched A-EBUFFER and SUPERFLEXI training shoes for those who are passionate about training, or simply want to make walking more interesting.
- Super Flexi 360 shoe sole technology improved from Super Flexi 2020 technology

- Curved and parallel cut lines, deeply engraved on the outsole surface. Supports flexible movement and reduces energy consumption.

- Up to 63% cushion recovery rate, releasing impact force on the foot for soft, comfortable, light walking.

- Thick and flat sole construction: The heel and midfoot are about the same thickness, the forefoot is thinner and slightly beveled. Conforms to the footstep when moving forward, supporting movement and consuming energy.

- Breathable mesh fabric surface, slim design, hugging the foot, up a youthful and dynamic form.