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Item Code: 812227721-6

Men's sports shoes A-EBUFFER Anta 812227721-6 is designed based on high-quality materials

- The outsole applies A-EBUFFER technology upgraded version 2.0 + A-COOOZY (three-layer soft system - including A - SILO), which can release the impact force on the foot when moving, helping the foot to walk. Extremely soft and comfortable.

- Upper with breathable TPU mesh, for superior convection efficiency

- The base cushion from the spaceship cabin door material is soft, outstandingly elastic, excellent heat resistance to help prolong the use time despite the harsh environment.

- Special technology link removes shock from the heel quickly, protecting joints and ankles from the risk of sprains, dislocations, and sprains when exercising.

Break your own record, just get on your feet everything becomes easy!