The Anta Klay Thompson KT Men's Middle Basketball Shoes - White Blue boast exceptional design in the toe box, creating a snug fit. The heel is made of comfortable and soft materials, providing a comfortable experience for the ankles. The durable material is supplemented by anti-slip patterns, providing strong grip. The midsole of this shoe uses nitrogen technology, featuring a wavy anti-slip outsole, anti-rollover technology, and front and rear cushioning pads. The shoe is primarily blue, making it very fashionable.

Product details

  • Material: Textile + Synthetic leather + TPU
  • Sole: Rubber + EVA + TPU
  • Technology: Nitrogen technology
  • Function: Cushioning, Responsive, Antiskid, Wear-resistant, Durable, Anti rollover


  1. Anta nitrogen technology on the sole, cushioning and rebounding
  2. The carbon fiber anti-torsion piece in the middle of the shoe improves stability
  3. Side/forefoot TPU system support protection