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Item Code: 822225522-4

Women's running shoes A-Jelly Anta 822225522-4 is designed based on high-quality materials

- Anti-slip soles, combined with sporty designs and outstanding colors, will definitely be the accessories chosen by many people to show a healthy and dynamic sports style.

Besides, the lightweight, smooth material helps you always feel comfortable during exercise.

- Material: Mesh

- Sole technology: A-JELLY

A-JELLY- exclusive technology is meticulously researched by leading experts at Anta, precise to every detail. If you love movement and roads, don't miss these 5 great benefits:

📌The soleplate uses eco-friendly, biodegradable materials.

📌Effective compression and deformation in motion, help to absorb more force, can bear twice or 3 times the weight of the human body.

📌The A- JELLY outsole also enhances heel stability, shock, impact and injury resistance. All-round protection when the foot hits the ground in powerful, sprinting strides.

📌Abrasion-resistant jelly soles are more effective when engaging in vigorous activities, constant displacement or unfavorable terrain conditions.

📌The surface of the shoes is made of super-breathable mesh fabric, quickly dissipating heat and evaporating sweat, making it comfortable to wear.

Challenging every race- Choose to WIN, A-JELLY is present at the Anta system…