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Item Code: 812315586-11

The Anta A-Tron 3.0 Lite Men' Running Shoes launched in winter 2022, are innovative and technological. The upper of Tron 3.0 Lite uses a combination of woven + multilayer mesh fabric. It's breathable and warm at the same time. In addition to the hard wrapping, the heel position also adds TPU reinforcement. This structure makes the heel more stable when hitting the ground while jogging, reducing the pressure on the ankle. The tongue and mouth of the shoe are added with a very thick filler, to ensure the wrapping property and achieve heating and insulation.
The Anta A-Tron 3.0 Lite Men' Running Shoes use wormhole technology, or FlashFoam material. The material is a little hard and very tough. Rebound characteristics are not obvious, mainly cushion and support feedback. Slightly warped toe design, flexible response, protect toes. Adopt classic shoes, integrate new details embellishment, the whole simple and rich texture. Sole wear-resistant material with rich anti-slip shading design, smooth grip, not easy to slip.

Product details:

  • Fabric Content Mesh/PP FILM F
  • it or Material: Mould/Rubber/TPU/Carbon Fiber
  • Technology: A-FlashFOAM
  • Function: Non-slip, wear-resistant