Item Code: 812321101-7

Product details:

KT8 "Wave" inherits the design concept of previous "Wave" color matching sneakers. The upper part of the sneakers uses a large area of white as the basic color matching. On the white background of the sneakers, the lake blue is used to outline a large number of spray patterns, thus depicting a picture of waves bursting when huge waves hit.

Anta KT8 is inspired by Klay Thompson's boat, so the "wave" color matching coincides with Anta KT8, giving this pair of sneakers a beautiful meaning of riding the wind and waves and reaching the other shore. The "V" shape design of the KT8 shoelace system is very special.

KT8 added a buckle design to the upper part of the sneakers, so that this pair of KT8 realized the function of free switching between high and low tops.

The midsole part adopts full palm nitroedge technology midsole cushioning technology. As Anta's first star signature sneaker, the actual performance of this pair of KT8 is still trustworthy.

  • Materials: Mesh/Synthetic Leather/TPU
  • Sole: MD EVA/RB/TPU/CarbonFiber
  • Tech: NITROEDGE; Flashedge